October 23rd, 2017
Two court hearings this morning. Three blocks apart. Now (9:15), and noon. I brought some work for in between, but these days, times like this are my only times to catch up here.

Eleanor’s still coming along nicely, but the boredom is beginning to settle in. Our Big Adventure when I got out out of work early was going back to her doctor (to pick up her handicap permit paperwork), and to a pet store for fish supplies. We do walk on the wild side, don’t we?

Before that, though, I had a long day out of town- for court, a client appointment, and to get my car back from Emily.

First was Niagara Falls.

I had one hearing there at 9 and one at 10. The earlier one was for a guy who hired me to do an emergency filing in August and never got back once after that about finishing the job. His case was on for (and eventually got) dismissal, but I’d told him to be there and I needed to be sure he wasn’t.

This is a remote location of Bankruptcy Court where they routinely print notices directing clients to the wrong floor of the building. I get to the correct place on the second floor and no client. So I take the elevator to the wrong floor, get off, still no client but I hear a court deputy directing other people down that hall. "No, officer," I helpfully tell her, "they misprinted the notice. Hearings are on the SECOND FLOOR."

"This IS the second floor."


Dumbass never pushed the button to the third floor, and just sat there in a stationary elevator for 10 seconds.

Hopefully there are medications for this as I get older.

But the day was not over. After I made the switch of cars with the kid, I knew I wouldn’t be home by dinner time. I went to get gas first, and I saw a Wendy’s across the street. I tried to pull in- but it’s closed for renovations.

I don’t know where many of these joints are around town anymore, but I remembered that there were a few of them around Emily’s old apartment on Lyell Avenue. And it’s right off 490. So I headed over there, and there’s a Mickey D’s – closed for renovations.

Now I’m mad, and will pretty much take the first thing I see. That turned out to be a BK, which amazingly is not closed for renovations. I slogged down a Whopper Junior, but that thing had a freaking salad bar piled on top of it – the tomato slice was thicker than the bun – and I dropped an onion slice somewhere on the floor, which by the next morning had stunk up the entire car.

Moral: when life gives you a hint, take it.

Friday was a day to sleep in all the way to 8:30, but Saturday, again, involved an alarm for the third week out of four. This time, it was to head right back to Rochester to participate in their Walk to End Alzheimer’s, the second in three weekends that Emily was helping to organize and run.

Unlike the Canandaigua one which got rained on, we had perfect weather for this one. It began and ended at Frontier Field, done for this baseball season but with the field still intact:


I saw little of the kid, who was going nuts at the registration tables, so I headed into the sea of purple t-shirts. Every mascot in the county was there-



-and even a Disney princess or two worked the crowd.

Then we were off. The route followed a symbol of 50s highway Brutalism known as the Inner Loop, which circles downtown like a moat, ruined neighborhoods when built and is now being ripped out and replaced by grade-level boulevards one section at a time. We walked the still-expressy segment from State to East Main, but across the lanes you could see how the first of the ripped out sections has already gone back to nature-


We also got to take pictures from the shoulder where pedestrians usually dare not pass-


That was about a mile and a half; for the return, we looped onto the eastbound lanes and walked back west to the ballpark to make it a full 5K. Nobody was quite sure where to go at the end, but eventually we were pointed into the bowels of the bullpens- places I’d never seen, much less walked through, in my 20-plus years going to games in this place-

In time, I met up with Em again to exchange a few more Things Left In Cars- and that’s when I offered a ride to these two, punched out and done for the day-


They declined; she still had her Uber pumpkin on call.

I pigged out in our favorite Rochester record shop- still going strong because they sell more than just records-



-took the kid to lunch, and headed home. There, I finally saw something with the day’s date on it, and remembered it was my late sister’s 50th wedding anniversary. That was also a beautiful late October Saturday, and I can’t add much more to my words about it from five years ago except to be sure that Sandy would’ve been proud of me for devoting the day to a charity event, just as her daughter did on the anniversary of her passing five years before.

That gets us caught up, and me halfway between those court appearances. (My opponent never showed for the early one:P) Back to work, hopefully without uncooperative elevators or onions. This entry was originally posted at https://captainsblog.dreamwidth.org/1504537.html. Please comment here, or there using OpenID.
October 18th, 2017
posted by [syndicated profile] captainsblog_lj_publ_feed at 12:53am on 18/10/2017
Oddly, our most annoying companion- Michelle the evil cat- has given us the least to write about over the past few days. Here's the rest of the menagerie news.

I awoke Sunday morning to a Facebook feed full of bad news from near and far. One friend, in Philadelphia, was awakened overnight by gunshots outside, and she soon learned that they had hit a man two doors down from her. (He later died of his wounds.) Another, closer to here in a suburb on the other side of Buffalo, was also awakened overnight- by a drunk driver, who sped down her quiet side street, hit a parked car, came to a brief rest in her front garden and finally gave one more push to crash into her front porch. (He ran away and was caught three doors down; everybody inside the house was fine, but if the parked car and garden hadn't slowed down the idiot, my friend's son on the other side of the porch wall might not have lived.)

So it seemed hardly in that league of news to realize that Zoey, our youngest kitty and perhaps our sweetest-ever furry friend, had gotten out during the night. No sign of her when the bowls went down, but moments later there was mewing at the back door. It hadn't been raining and was stupidly warm that night, so there's no way to tell if she got out on the dog run at 9, midnight or 4, but there she was....

and, after we got back from Eleanor's checkup on Monday afternoon, there the fleas were. It's amazing how quickly she can pick them up out there. We then attempted to hold her down long enough to medicate her for it- and off she went, flying into an unknown corner but not before getting a good bite in on Mommy in the process. She finally turned up under the guest futon, was toweled into submission, and was back to purring a few hours later. (In front of a heat register, which by then was putting heat out instead of the air conditioning of a day earlier. Welcome to Buffalo in October.)


Yesterday, the kitty news was from afar: Cameron was at a lumberyard, and a nearly newborn kitten came across his path. Here's how Eleanor reported the conversations about it with Emily:

Clearly abandoned. No one else doing anything about it. He brought her home, where they already have two cats, all their lease will allow them. They called all the local SPCAs, which were closed. Somehow they got in touch with a local rescue person, who promised to pick the little one up [the next] morning, and during the night (the rescue woman works nights) texted Emily with tips on how to care for such a little baby (they think she just opened her eyes shortly before she was found).

Emily kept saying last night and this morning, that she felt sad that she wasn’t “able to do something substantial for her”. I said no, she DID do something substantial for her! If Cam hadn’t picked her up, and the two of them hadn’t done everything they did, she probably would have died without her momma! She stands a better chance of living because of Em and Cam! I sent Em this:

🏆Best Human Beings of the Day Award!

Once I saw her picture, I was sure they were done for, and they (or we) would wind up with her-

-but they made the handoff just fine today, and kitty stands a much better chance of finding a good forever home because of them.


That leaves our dear old dog, and I do mean old; she'll be 15 in a couple of months.  I'd been putting off Ebony's annual vet visit to the limit just because of how much it stresses her out, but we were out of meds after today and that's when I was able to make the appointment for.  As she's done the past several times, she showed her initial displeasure by taking a dump in the waiting room- then panting and pacing the whole time we waited in between the tech and the vet coming in.  But when they're actually working with her (and plying her with treats), she's fine- and other than being down a couple of pounds, her vitals were all good and her chronic symptoms- some eye glaze and some puffiness in the hind legs- don't seem to be any worse or causing her any problems.  They took her back for her heartworm test draw and a mani-pedi- which reminded me to do the same for Zoey when I got home.  Everybody's now home, fed and free of stress and distress.

Even Michelle, who will likely shit in my shoe just because I said nice things about her:P

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October 16th, 2017
...I’ve gotten a little behind on my work. (Some say he made a spectacle of himself. Hiyooo!). I finally have the moment to write, since I’m close to home, sentient, and away from all distractions except this phone. I’m with Eleanor at her first post-op checkup, a week after the surgery.

We think it’s gone well. She hasn’t needed the wheelchair even once, and the Lortabs have stayed in their re-marked bottle-

-so the pain has been manageable. The, um, camping setup has also gotten little use. Her biggest problems have been boredom from being home all day- this is our first trip out all week- and some fatigue after doing too much at times to alleviate the boredom. I’m trying to think of things we can do this week to get her out and about a bit, in the chair if needed. This is a relatively quiet work week for me.

Last week, following the procedure, not so much.

— —

I’d kept Tuesday free, just going in for a few hours to catch things up, but the next three went fast and furious. Wednesday, I had court in three places in two cities- Rochester and Niagara Falls- between 9 and 2. All went okay- the middle one was by phone- but the back road to the Falls took way longer than expected, thanks to a badly advertised truck claiming to be the Expedite Delivery Service, and I wound up way late but nobody cared. Thursday, I got out of Buffalo court at the last minute but still had to be up and ready just in case. Friday 9 a.m. then was back in the same place for the same thing with the same trustee as Wednesday 9 a.m. Client and I both wound up a few minutes late, but again nobody cared. I ended the day resolving a major issue for a client which has been hanging over him since April. (He also paid, which is key with a bunch of big bills coming due through today. I have about 20 bucks to my name until some more payments come in, but we’re all good:)

That client also kept me in town until late afternoon with no fixed appointments, so it came as a nice surprise when my NPR buddy Scott, who saw me post from the area, invited me over to Rochester Public Radio Central for my first-ever tour of the facilities. We began during one of their pledge drives, with Scott (R) pitching while On Air Scott (L, behind the monitor) kept the tunes coming.

I've been a fan of this show for years and got to meet him and lots of the other on-air people I've been listening to on this and other stations for even longer.


Then Saturday, usually a rest day, became my first Platelet Day. It takes about 3 hours from check-in to snackin', but the time went quickly- a friend signed up with me and we caught up on things the whole time- and with no more owies than regular donation. They get a #10 envelope sized bag out of the deal, but there are billions of life-saving cells in there, so it’s worth the wait.

The next wait to donate is two weeks- since they take so little, you can do it more often- so I’ll be back there with my platelet buddy on the 28th. I'll also be up early the Saturday in between;  that's  the morning of the Alzheimer’s Walk that Emily's helping to organize in Rochester- you could see its Frontier Field starting point from the windows of the WXXI studios- and I'll be participating to support the cause.

Later Saturday and even into yesterday, I was groggier than usual, despite doing only my usual Sunday morning rituals of dog park and workout. Maybe the blood drain took more than I thought it would, or maybe it was just getting up and out ass-early four of the previous six mornings plus that one. But today I rose at the usual time without alarm and without any ill effects, and now we're here....

and she's done.  Everything's progressing nicely, the dressings are off, she can shower again (she's even more thrilled about this than I am;), and we don't go back for another two weeks. This entry was originally posted at https://captainsblog.dreamwidth.org/1504208.html. Please comment here, or there using OpenID.


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